Transform with Chucksercise

The Chucksercise Method helps busy men and women over 40 to rebalance their hormones and regain their self confidence through Movement, Mindset and Macronutrients.

Our 3 Areas of Testing Are:
• Functional Medicine
• Haematology

By using Functional Movement, Functional Rehabilitation and Functional Medicine we take you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Chucksercise Method

Holistic well being is at the root of any personal health goal and the holistic approach is the one we choose to adopt at Concept 3 Movement.

Looking at the 9 systems within the body – digestive, intestinal, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular and structural in order to activate a healing response is one of the methods we use. Then fortifying the body with appropriate nutrient dense foods, cleansing the internal organs and strengthening the systems to bring balance to the body as a whole. It is only then we feel you will start seeing results.

There is a posture and gait analysis assessment, a lifestyle questionnaire, hormonal screening, an assessment of your goals and then a bespoke program we follow for 12 weeks based on your individual assessment.

Depending on the particular client and their goals most sessions will address cardiovascular health, strength training, core work and pain management through functional therapy, stretching and effective breathing.

At Concept 3 Movement we are an advocate of the CHEK Institute principle of acknowledging the 4 Doctors. Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, Dr Happiness and Dr Movement.


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Concept 3 Movement Ethos

“Every individual has the ability to achieve their goals, they just need guidance and a helping hand along the way”

– Chucks Onwere – Studio Director