Chucks Onwere, founder of Concept 3 Movement, talks about his business

chucks-interview-picConcept 3 Movement is an holistic practice based in Southfields near Wimbledon which endeavours to help individuals reach their holistic health potential through the vehicle of movement, providing the necessary tools for each person to feel empowered, valued and purposeful in their quest for optimum health. Chucks spent 5 years in a traditional gym, where the emphasis was on the number trained or rehabilitated as opposed to the number achieving credible results. This ethos agitated his core principles of recognising and acknowledging every aspect of an individual’s health, which in his mind is key to a person’s holistic equilibrium. He was compelled to try to implement his holistic vision elsewhere, which is what brought him to Southfields 14 years ago.

How is Concept 3 Movement different?
We look at every aspect of an individual’s health, including their circadian rhythm, liver and gut health, hydration, nutrition, stress management, weight management, hormonal balance and posture.

How do you do this?
We do a detailed posture analysis to correct dysfunctions and misalignment through functional rehabilitation. We use kinanthropometry to evaluate body composition, bodyscans to highlight visceral and subcutaneous distribution and DNA profiling to ascertain the exact exercise prescription and dietary plan for your goals based on your DNA results.

What has been the most significant change in the health and wellness industry?
The huge surge in mental health issues aligned with traditional health concerns. Having qualified as a mental health practitioner and given numerous talks on mental illness, l have found in my formative years the mental health challenges I faced (although l did not know at the time) were nullified through my pursuit of low to moderate intensity exercise. I have seen in both a personal and professional capacity how many mental health conditions can be quelled by specific exercise protocols and holistic lifestyle changes.

How can our readers get in contact with you if they would like a bit more information?
For the whole month of October, we are offering a free consultation for anyone interested in mental health issues, rebalancing their hormones or body composition challenges. You can contact us at: or 02086112893.